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05/17/16 07:53 PM Win Up to 20% off lucky code for 2007 runescape gp by shubiao524

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05/13/16 07:25 AM POPS SOUTHERN SHOOTOUT JUNE 10 & 11 by pop-sand-drag

42 HWY 856

FRIDAY June 10TH TNT 6 TO 10


Index; 5.00, 4.75, 4.50, 4.25, 4.00, 3.75. OPEN
Heads up:
4 stroke:
Stock Frame. "must have 50% or more OEM Plastic" No welding or adding to the frame. Swingarms & Wheelie bars allowed
Small Block Limited. 0-530cc. Motor only.
Big Block Limited. open cc. Motor only
Open 4 stroke
2 stroke:
Single Cylinder
Twin OEM Cylinder
4 mill shootout
Cub Shootout
Non Spread Bore Twins
Big Twin
Open 2 stroke.
3 bike minimum per class.
On Race day if we have 3 or more bikes that would like a specific class we may add a class if necessary & time permits.
20.00 per entry to each class. Payouts will be determined by number of entries. 1-5 bikes 100% to winner. 6-10 bikes 1st & 2nd 60/40%. over 10 Bikes 50/30/20%.
Kids in junior clas limited to 4.00 ET

05/12/16 01:08 PM Stock Banshee hubs by BigBear

Any site sponsors lighten the stock front hubs. Please text or call me if anyone does 928-234-4305. Or knows who might Thanks in advance.

04/27/16 08:06 PM 83 RO 16 paddle staggered sls Rippers, drag cut ri by BIGSNOR

Hey guys have a damn near new set of 83 RO 16 paddle staggered sls Rippers, on drag cut rims. Tires have maybe 20 passes. Still have nipples on outside edges of paddles. Need more tire. Asking 550 plus shipping OBO. Text for pics. 660 473 9588. I'm in missouri.

04/26/16 08:22 PM nike free run 3 womens pink uk by dsaxzs

03/17/16 08:08 AM 2007 Honda TRX 450 oil? by BigBear

I don't much four stroke stuff but I was servicing my buddy's 2007 trx 450 and was wondering what weight oil is used for the trans side of the engine? Thanks for the help

03/06/16 12:37 PM 17 Mil Cougar by letsride

17 Mil Cougar Billet Cases Billet Transmission PVL Ignition Cyclone Carbs RDZ Chrome Right Side Pipes Complete Motor, I think the only thing you will need is clutch forks. I made one pass on it and broke the stock tranny so I bought the billet tranny that comes with it. You get everything that is in the pics. Price is $5500 plus shipping and paypal fees.

01/27/16 09:35 PM what cylinder kits are good for a duner by tacoflyer

what cylinder kit is best for a duner/hillshooter banshee? I've been looking at cubs, vitos, driveline assassin 421 big bore. Or should I just do the stock cylinders with a port job. going to use a 4mill longrod crank . bike has old school , LRD inframe pipes.

12/24/15 01:41 AM 22x11x8 12paddles or staggered by justclownin

CallBrian 623-297-524two

12/16/15 12:50 PM Used/junk Pistons by B U L L E T

Looking for used/junk pistons, all sizes, preferably cheap or free. Thank you so much!

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