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#1111834 - 07/18/12 06:15 PM Subscription Issue with PlanetSand *****
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So last week I get an email stating that I've made an automatic PayPal payment to PlanetSand for $25.00. I've been a paying member before, but I've since left the sport. I had no idea that the membership recurs automatically, and was caught off guard.

That same day, I PM'd PlanetSand explaining just this, and kindly asked for a refund. Seeing as how it was literally day 1 of the year membership, I didn't think it would be much of a hassle. However, I have since to hear back, even though one of the Admins here has gone out of his way to help me reach them. What's the deal PlanetSand?

I know most of you will probably say, "It's $25.00, get over it." But I don't see it that way, especially considering the resistance I've had in returning my correspondence. I'm all for charging members for the membership fee so long as they CHOOSE the membership, as I've gladly paid it in the past, but this isn't right.

I know I don't have a ton of posts, but I've been a member since 2004, and would like to get this resolved. I'm surprised I even have to make a post about it, and have been reluctant to do so. However I'm not sure what route to take other than putting it out there?


#1112062 - 07/24/12 07:48 PM Re: Subscription Issue with PlanetSand [Re: bulldogz400]
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This is a common problem when members forget there subscription is automatically renewed.

Planet Sand does not take money from any such members/accounts, it is the member who actually sets up a recurring account thru Paypal and its Paypal who debits the renewal automatically. The Planet Sand Account only receives what Paypal sends.

From the first time you elect to subscribe you are asked to choose your Payment Method, you are displayed the Group Details which includes the comment (recurring), located in the area before you Click on Subscribe.

The next screen you will see is the Order Confirmation Screen, which again displays the terms (recurring) next to [Continue] or [Cancel]

If you didnt Click on [Check or Money Order] you would have selected to pay via Paypal and Planet Sand would have transferred you over to, as shown below confirming it is on a per year basis.

To see the next screen you would have provided Paypal with Login Information or Created an Account with them, they also display details of your order for review and and make you [Agree and Pay] to proceed explaining to you this following message.


Future payments will be made with your default payment method unless you select a preferred payment method, To make a change, go to My Money in your Profile, then update the 'My preapproved payments' section.

If you click [Subscriptions] in Planet Sand you will find status of your account in this detailed box at anytime.

#1112064 - 07/24/12 07:59 PM Re: Subscription Issue with PlanetSand [Re: bulldogz400]
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Posts: 4859
Loc: Gilbert, Arizona
I apologize Mr. bulldogz400 for not getting back with you real fast, I did make a change to your account within 24 hours of your initial contact however your email address of was not the same as you provided paypal of

I had to look thru archives from years ago to figure this one out.


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